Photograph A

Photograph B

The three-storey buildings on the street look more gallant and clean.

The mostly two-storey buildings on the narrow street/lane look relatively shabby.  The ground surface appears to be quite soiled, which would be consistent with a passageway used for droving cattle. 

Shandon church is quite a distance from the photographer

Shandon church is relatively close

Brighter (limestone) quarter-view of one façade is visible towards left of tower, while darker (sandstone) three-quarter view of another facade is towards right of tower. 

Single and full facade of church tower faces the photographer.  This façade is bright, consistent with shade of limestone pinnacle of tower. 

As one of the sandstone facades faces north and the other east, this view indicates that the photograph was taken from south-east of the church tower. 

As one of the two limestone facades of the church tower faces west, and the other faces south, the photograph was taken from either west or south of the tower;  and, as the street descends towards the church, the local topography indicates that the photographer was due west, rather than south.

Assuming the above, the sun must have been towards the south-west when the photograph was taken, and time of year must have been near the middle of summer as the shadow of the person and buildings are quite short for late afternoon. 

The shadows suggest that the photograph was taken near noon, with the sun from the right (south) shining on the upper parts of the house-fronts facing south. 

This image painted by Lady Kate Dobbin shows a view from the former Cattle Lane (since replaced by the wider Cattle Market Avenue), appropriately with some cattle.  The view faces the westward limestone facade of the Church of St Anne, Shandon, one of the two limestone facades on the church tower. 

The photograph on the October page of the Cork City Libraries printed calendar for 2013 shows a photograph of Cattle Lane but was erroneously named Hardwick Street.

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