Wesley Chapel

The Wesleyan Chapel stood for well over a century in Saint Patrick's Street. The first record of Methodists in Cork dates from 1748 when two preachers, Thomas Williams and Robert Swindells, visited Cork. Despite anti-Methodists riots in Cork during 1749, the congregation established itself and in 1752 the Methodists built a chapel on Hammond's Marsh, the area now partially occupied by Henry Street. The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, visited the Hammond's Marsh chapel on a number of occasions.

From 1797 to 1805, the Methodists used the old Huguenot Church in French Church Street. Finding the Huguenot church too small, the Methodists built a church on Saint Patrick's Street. On 7 April 1805, the Wesley Chapel was opened for worship. The building was restored and altered in 1855. After a fire damaged the Wesley Chapel in November 1896, it was closed for repair until June 1897. The Methodists of Cork continued to worship there until 1986 when a new church and centre was opened at Ardfallen on the Douglas Road.

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