Cork and County Cork in the Twentieth Century by Richard J. Hodges


Cork and County Cork in the twentieth century by the Rev. Richard J. Hodges was published by W. T. Pike & Co., Brighton, in 1911, in the same binding as Contemporary biographies, edited by W.T. Pike

Illustrations of buildings & scenery from this very rare book can be displayed through the menu options on the left of this page.  As the book was published in 1911, the title’s ‘twentieth century’ is misleading.  It includes descriptions of Cork in the early 1900s while including some digressions on the earlier history of the city and county.  Starting in Cork city, the book invites the reader to tour the city and county, with special attention paid to the ‘big houses’ of the gentry.  It has some splendid illustrations of these houses and some unusual views of Cork city as well. These illustrations alone make the book very worthwhile to browse through.  Most of the illustrations of the built environment were published in small format, many no wider than 60 mm / 2.5 inches, and because of a century of use needed slight digital touch-up before being added to this website.

The publication presents a very one-sided view of Cork at the time, the view of the merchants and gentry.  Indeed, the ‘Contemporary biographies’ section is a who’s who of Cork high society of the early 1900s. According to the late C.J.F. MacCarthy, the biographies feature led to the book being known by some people as the ‘book of Cork snobs’.  The reader would do well to remember that, at the time the book was written, Cork city had some of the worst slums in Ireland and that the condition of the rural poor was not much better.  Despite these caveats Cork and County Cork in the twentieth century is a valuable source for Cork historians and genealogists. 

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