Queen Anne House, Emmet Place


Queen Anne House, Emmet Place

The Queen Anne house at number 11 Emmet Place is built in the same style as the 'Doll's House',  which stood on Bachelor's Quay. It was taken over by Cork Corporation in 1977 and was later restored by Fastnet Finance. A number of different companies used the building over the years. It is now part of the Opera Lane shopping centre and houses a branch of the chain store Kuyichi which sells organic denim clothing. 

Richard Sainthill, a wine merchant, antiquarian, coin-collector, and the Commons Speaker of Cork Corporation, lived in this house in the nineteenth century when Emmet Place was called Nelson Place. Sainthill, whose wine business was later taken over by Woodford Bourne & Co., was born in Topsham, Devon in 1787. In 1801, he came to Cork to join his father, also called Richard Sainthill. His father was the 'agent for transports afloat in Cork' and was responsible for arranging shipment for those sentenced to transportation to New South Wales.

While researching in the British Museum, now the British Library, Sainthill Junior discovered the charter which John, Lord of Ireland, granted to Cork around 1185. This charter was the basis for the 'Cork 800' celebrations in 1985. Part of the charter was published in translation, accompanied by a note from Sainthill, in the Cork Constitution of 7 May 1829.

Richard Sainthill died at his residence on Nelson Place on 13 November 1869 and is buried in the graveyard at Rathcooney. Co. Cork.

Emmet Place / Plás Emmet

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