The ship shown in the photograph docked at Penrose Quay was one of five ships, in turn, named Innisfallen which sailed from Cork to different ports in Wales from 1896 to 1983. The ship in the photograph was the third to bear the name and sailed from Cork to Fishguard every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1948 to 1968.

Thousands of Cork people sailed to England on the Innisfallen during those years in search of work, many of them in the Ford plant in Dagenham which became known as 'Little Cork'. Many older Cork people remember this ship with great affection and, in 2007, the ‘Listening Posts’ monument was unveiled by Lord Major Cllr. Michael Ahern on Penrose Quay to honour those who sailed on Innisfallen. The ship was sold to the Isthmian Navigation Company of Cyprus in 1969 and was renamed The Poseidonia.

The last ship called the Innisfallen was scrapped in India in October 2004.

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