Hanover Shoe Company


Hanover Shoe Company

Dwyer & Co.Ltd. opened the Hanover Shoe Company in 1925 in part of a premises owned by the Hive Iron Works. The shoe company expanded into the remainder of the former iron works when the Hive Iron Works closed in 1935.

Hanover Shoe Company employed 350 people and produced 400,000 pairs of women's shoes per year during its peak years. The company was merged with the Lee Boot Company on Washington Street in 1965 following the recession of the early 1960s.

A variety of businesses used the premises vacated by the Hanover Shoe Company from 1965 until 1981. The Office of Public Works acquired the building from the Dwyer family in that year. It was knocked down in 1987 to make way for the new Social Services Centre which was opened in October 1990.

Square Deal Centre Ltd., a furniture retail store, now occupies the site of the Lee Boot Company in Washington Street.

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