Doll's House

Doll's House

The Queen Anne house, popularly known as the Doll's House, was demolished in July 1966. The house stood at the corner of Grattan Street and Bachelor's Quay. The last owners of the house, which was by then in a state of disrepair, had offered the house to the Irish Georgian Society and Cork Corporation for the nominal rent of one shilling per year. Both bodies refused the offer as the cost of restoring the house was estimated at £30,000, an enormous sum of money in those days. Cork thus lost one of its most distinctive houses. After the demolition of the house and an adjoining property, Bachelor's Quay was widened.

Doll's House 2

The photograph gives us a closer view of the fine doorway and lower portion of the Queen Anne house.

Doll's House 3

A side view of the Doll's House. The condition of the house had deteriorated considerably by the time it was demolished.

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