Crosse's Green

Below are photographs of part of the Crosse's Green area in Cork. The area is one of the most historic areas in the city. The Dominican priory of St Mary's of the Isle was established here in 1229. In later centuries the area was a hive of industrial activity. Brewing, distilling, inshore fishing, and milling were dominant enterprises and timber yards were also established. With the decline of the industries in the late nineteen seventies the Crosse's Green area became quite shabby and run-down. The opening of the South Bank office complex and Dean's Hall student-apartment complex in 1994 revitalised the area. Crosse's Green is also home to Meitheal Mara, a group devoted to researching the history of the Irish currach.

Crosse's Green / Faiche na Croise

Crosse's Green and Beamish & Crawford Brewery

Crosse's Green and Beamish & Crawford Brewery

The right hand side of this photograph shows part of the Beamish and Crawford brewery complex.  Harte's timber yard is just left of centre.  Beamish and Crawford was the longest-established brewery in Cork and was a vital part of the local economy until its closure in 2009.  Harte's timber yard was demolished and the South Bank office complex built on the site in 1994.

Beamish & Crawford Brewery / Grúdlann Beamish & Crawford

Crosse's Green, Queen's Place

Crosse's Green/Queens Palace

A photograph of part of Crosse's Green Quay with the Georgian houses of Queen's Place in the background to the left. The houses were demolished in the early 1970s and the former Queen's Place is now the site of the Labour Exchange.

Crosse's Green Quay / Cé Fhaiche na Croise

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