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Caroline Street

The first post office in Cork was near the site of the present-day Courthouse on Washington Street. By 1759 it had moved to the south-western side of the Grand Parade near old Post Office Lane. The Caroline Street post office was used from the early 1800s to approximately 1856.

In 1820 the postmaster was Henry Fortescue and by 1856 William Henry Barry was in charge of the office. Sometime after 1856 it moved to the premises on Pembroke Street. The present General Post Office on Oliver Plunkett Street was opened in 1877.

The postal service in Ireland, which began as part of the British postal service, dates back to 1631. The Irish Post Office was formally established on 14 May 1784. John Lees was the first Secretary of the Irish Post Office. On 11 March 1831 the British and Irish Post Offices were amalgamated; the Duke of Richmond became the first Postmaster-General of the combined services.

Caroline Street is named after Caroline the wife of George II of England.

Caroline Street / Sráid Caroline

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