Camden Quay

Camden Quay

This dramatic photograph shows crowds along Camden Quay and Pope's Quay on the night of 12 December 1955 when Cork Opera House burned down. The quays are lit up by the blaze from the Opera House across the river.

Camden Quay was again crowded on 8 January 2005 for the spectacular opening of Cork 2005 European Capital of Culture, when crowds were treated to an extravagant fireworks display and son et lumière performance.

Camden Quay is named after Lord Camden who was Lord Lieutenant of Ireland and visited Cork in 1795. Pope's Quay is named after the widow of Thomas Pope who lived in Cork in the early eighteenth century. The Council Book of the Corporation of Cork records that 'In November 1718 permission was granted to the Widow Pope to build a quay between Alderman Brown's Quay and Mr Farren's Quay'.

Camden Quay / Cé Camden

Pope's Quay / Cé Pope

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