Blackamoor Lane Friary


Blackamoor Lane Friary

The Capuchins had a friary and a chapel called the South Friary in Blackamoor Lane in the late eighteenth century. The photograph shows the ruins of the friary which were demolished in October 2004. Fr. Arthur O'Leary built the chapel in 1771.

Blackamoor Lane is situated between Sullivan's Quay and Cove Street and runs roughly parallel to both. Fr. Mathew suggested building a new church when the South Friary became too small for the congregation. The foundation stone of the new church named the Holy Trinity was laid on 10 October 1832 and it opened in 10 October 1850.

The Capuchin friars lived in the 1850s at number eight George's Quay. They moved to the friary next to Holy Trinity Church in 1884. The Capuchins have been in Ireland since 1637.

Blackamoor Lane / Lána an Fhir Ghoirm

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