Alfred Street


Alfred Street

The old laundry of the Metropole Hotel is shown in this photograph. The Metropole Hotel opened on MacCurtain Street in Cork on 21 June 1897. It was built by the Musgrave family. Arthur Hill, a well-known Cork architect, designed the hotel.

The Musgraves were total abstainers from alcohol and the hotel did not apply for a licquor license until 1956. The family were proud that the hotel was the first unlicensed hotel in Ireland. Douglas Vance, who managed the hotel from 1944 until 1982, persuaded the Musgraves that a license to serve alcohol was necessary for a modern hotel.

The hotel hosts the annual festival club of the Cork Jazz Festival. The Musgraves sold the hotel in 1977 and it is now part of the Gresham Hotel Group. Its current name is the Gresham Metropole Hotel. It was extensively refurbished in 2003.

The Musgrave family remain prominent in the cash-and-carry business and the food industry.

Alfred Street / Sráid Ailbhe

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