Queen's Place

Queen's Place

The Hanover Shoe Company premises are shown in the background of Queen's Place. The building had originally housed the Hive Iron Works, which was the most important iron works in Cork during the nineteenth century. The Hive Iron Works was founded by Thomas Addison Barnes in 1800 but by 1819 it had been taken over by the Perrott family. The family is commemorated in the place name Perrott Avenue. The fortunes of the factory declined during the latter part of the nineteenth century although the Hive Iron Works was still producing iron castings well into the twentieth century. By 1935 the Hanover Shoe Company had taken over the premises shown in the photograph but the Hive Iron Works continued to operate from another premises on Hanover Street.

Works cast in the Hive Iron Works may still be seen in many places around the city. The lion just visible on the top of the building was cast by Richard Perrott in 1845. The figure of a lion forms part of the Perrott family coat of arms. The lion now sits atop the new Labour Exchange.

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