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This engraving of Cork city, based on a painting (circa 1760) by John Butts, first appeared in Robert Walker's The City of Cork : How it may be improved' (Cork, 1883). The waterway to the left of centre now forms part of St Patrick's Street. The drawbridge spanning the waterway (near present-day Drawbridge Street), when pulled back, allowed ships to travel up the waterway. Masts of ships are visible further up that waterway. When you enlarge the PDF image, you can see Dutch-style gable-fronted houses on what is today Merchant's Quay and Lavitt's Quay, reflecting the strong trade between merchants in Cork and Amsterdam at the time.  The belfry of the Church of St Anne, Shandon, is prominent towards the right of the image. The original oil painting by Butts may be seen in the Crawford Art Gallery, Cork.    

1760: Butts's View of Cork

1760 : Butts's View of Cork, as engraved by Robert Walker, is also available in PDF format:

1760 : Butts's View of Cork as engraved by Robert Walker_small_file(264KB)

1760 : Butts's View of Cork as engraved by Robert Walker_large_file(3,540KB)