Planning Cork city


In the 1920s Cork Corporation faced persistent criticisms for inefficiency. The Cork Progressives Association was set up in 1923 to campaign for an enquiry into the corporation. Cork Corporation was dissolved in 1924 and governance of the city passed into the hands of Philip Monahan. During his stewardship as Commissioner the Cork Town Planning Association, founded in 1922, produced Cork: A Civic Survey in 1926. The survey considered the problems besetting the development of Cork city, among them Cork’s chronic problem of traffic congestion, still with us today, and the need to house slum dwellers in public housing schemes. The survey was very ambitious and comprehensive and was drawn on by planners for the next 60 years.

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Manning Roberston’s Cork Town Planning Reportof 1941 was even more ambitious than the survey of 1926. He called for drastic and radical changes to be made including new roads, a green belt around the city and the provision of green spaces within the city. Robertson’s plans were too ambitious for an era facing wartime and post-war austerity and few of them were ever brought to fruition.

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