Ye Mayoral Booke of Thomas Pembrock 1733 Mayor of Corke


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‘Ye Mayoral Booke of Thomas Pembrock’ has over four hundred pages of hand-written information that gives a remarkable glimpse into the life of a resident of Cork city in the first half of the eighteenth century. 

Thomas Pembrock (1683-1754) was active in the civic life of Cork, serving as sheriff, mayor and as Justice of the Peace.  He was also a businessman and owned property at a time when eighteenth century Cork was prospering and expanding outside the medieval walls.  His city property included houses in North Main Street and a bowling green beside what is now Pembroke Street, off the South Mall.

Pembrock’s ‘Mayoral Booke’ was a type of commonplace book or scrapbook, a place where he wrote down mainly practical information.  The main themes related to his finances, property, family and civic life, but he also included recipes and health cures, as well as historical information about Cork.

Thomas Pembrock died in 1754, but there are some later entries in the book that were probably made by a relative, possibly John Wrixon or David Rochfort whose bookplate is inside the front cover. 

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A Note on Page Numbers:

The original book consists of a number of different sequences of page numbers.  In order to clearly identify pages, only the digital number (shown at the top of the page in the online document and also under the thumbnails) are used as references throughout.

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