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Colonel P..1. R. Crampton.
Mr. P. W. Creagh.
Mr. E. S. Cromie.
Thornbury, Rochest own, co. Cork; younger son of the lat e
George Ribton Crampton, of St. Valery, Bray, co. Wicklow;
born March 7th, 1860; educated a t H arrow, and Royal
Military Academy, \Voolwi ch. Entered the Army , in the
Royal Artill ery, in 1880 ; graduated through the Staff College,
1893 . Served in the South Afri can war, 1900-1902, in
command of the one-pounder Maxims , and on the St aff as
D.A.A.G.; was menti :med in Dispat ches . and received
promotion to the rank of Lieut.-Colonel by brevet: the
Queen 's Medal , with four clasps, and the King's Medal with
two clasps; commanded the 47th Brigade R.F.A. from 1905
t o 1910; retired, 1910. Ma rried Carolin e Mabel, daughter of
Colonel George C. Spaight, of Derry Cas tle, Killaloe. Club:
Kildare Street , Dublin.
Creagh. - PHILI P WILLI A1VI CREAGH, Corrinville, Fermuy,
co . Cork ; son of the late Philip \Villi am Creagh, of Dundilleri ck,
Carrigtohill; born , July 5th, 1866; educat ed at Clongowes
\ Vood Coll ege. YIember of the Royal Coll ege of Veterin ary
S urgeons , London ; Veterinary In spec tor to the F ermoy,
Mitchelstown, and Lismore Uni on.
Married, F ebruary
26 th , 1895, Sarah Henri ett a , daught er of the lat e Co rnelius
O 'Callaghan, of Cahe'rduggan. Club : F ermoy.
Cromie.-EDWARD STUART CROMIE, E ve rsleigh , Bandon ;
son of Robert Cromie, :\1.D., J. P. , of Clough , co . Down ,
and brother-in-law to Sir J ohn Newell J ordon ,
Ambassador to China , and bro ther of Richard Cromie, the
well known author; born March 26th, 1864; educat ed a t
Assembly's College, Belfast , and Qu een's College , Belfast ;
B,A. , 1885 , with honours in Mathematical Science. 'On August
8th, 1887, was appointed Insp ector of National Schools, and
successi\'ely st ationed a t :\1illst reet, co . Cork, Killarney , Birr ,
Cork City, and since April 1st, at Bandon. Married , J anuary
5th, 1904, Lillie Workman, daughter of the Rev. R. J .
Arnold, M.A., of Dunmurry, co. Antrim.